Handmade Personalised Wedding Card

One of my friends got married in July last year. As I love to make cards I decided to make their wedding card as this is much more personal.

I bought a heart-shaped paper punch to punch hearts out of brown paper and used gold ink and a stamp for the text.

Ta-dah! Simple yet effective.



Handmade Christmas Gift Wrap

One very quiet Sunday after spending a lot of time browsing handmade gift wrap ideas on Pinterest I was inspired to make my own. I wanted to keep it simple but effective and was hunting the house for materials to make a Christmas-shape stamp from. If a 5 year old can do potato printing then I figured I could too… I carved a simple tree shape, put it in the gold ink pad and begun stamping on brown parcel paper. Christmas Gift Wrap

Once I had stamped about 10 metres of brown paper (I got a bit carried away!) I made some gift tags to match. I cut a simple gift tag shape out of white card and ripped a stamped tree to stick onto the tag.

To bring the gift wrap and tag together I was inspired by the photograph below. The Christmas Tree cut off added colour and texture to the design, and wrapping with string is an effective, different method to horrible selotape.

Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

I bought some string from the stationery section in Oliver Bonas that went perfectly with my gold colour scheme and bought some Christmas tree cut offs from a local greengrocers for about £2.00. I put it all together and this was my end result (below).

Christmas Gift Wrap

Once I had wrapped all of my presents I put some of my homemade mince pies into a gift box and cut small pieces of Christmas tree branches and glued in the shape of a Christmas tree to fit in with my theme (below)…

Christmas Gift Wrap …and had so much leftover mincemeat that I made it into a present too!

Homemade Mince Meat Gift Wrapped

I love to give gifts, and it was even more pleasurable to give gifts in homemade wrapping.


Be Creative with Accessories

accessory hangerI bought this accessory hanger in Primark ages ago for an absolute bargain of £2!! I am a huge lover of my accessories so I thought this would be a great, and very cheap method to organise all of my jewellery. It has taken me this long to finally have a bit of a tidy up and put the hanger to use at last! However, I don’t know if any of you have been into River Island and ever noticed how they display their scarves, but I really love it! They are hung really long together and they look amazing! So I decided to steal this idea and do it with my own scarves at home, as I have so many! (The images below don’t even show half of them!)


This accessory hanger works really well for hanging my scarves in this way, as it creates two layers, so I can put the ones I wear the least on the bottom, and the ones that aren’t as bright and colourful!




This storage method means that my scarves are far more accessible than being shoved in a drawer.


Now I have a lovely colourful decoration for my room that creatively stores many of my scarves, and some of my decorative heart collection too!



Make your home more sellable

Struggling to sell your home?

Two of the most important factors that will influence selling are daylight and size, and the two work closely together.

Here are a few quick tips on how to improve chances of selling:

– Neutral, light tones will make a room feel bigger, and lighter – Bright, bold, and dark colours will make walls feel closer together, making a room feel smaller

– Neutral paint is easier to cover up, making redecorating easier and cheaper

– Lift blinds and open curtains to maximise natural daylight

– Similar to paint, light, neutral carpets and rugs will give the effect that a room is larger

– Get rid of clutter!! A tidier room will feel larger and lighter